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Looking for gifts for boyfriends? Few things in life feel as rewarding as a gift that’s well-received — but if you’re like me, then gift-giving is among the most stressful parts of life. What should you get? Will they like it? Is such-and-such appropriate for the situation?

The good news is that, for the most part, boyfriends are the easiest group of people to buy gifts for. Unless he’s extraordinarily picky, he’ll probably love whatever you get him — because on the whole, boyfriends don’t really have high expectations when it comes to gifts.

So relax, sit back, and check out these nifty gift ideas that your boyfriend will appreciate. And even if you don’t like any of these, they’ll still prove useful as a jumping-off point for further ideas.

Budget Gifts for Boyfriends (Under $25)

Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones (UK/CA)


If you’re wary about a $10 set of headphones, then I don’t blame you — but trust me, this is a $25 product trapped inside a $10 body. I bought these just a few weeks ago, and after having used them day in and day out, I’m in love. It’s comfortable, it sounds good, and it’s affordable.

At this price, you won’t find anything better. There’s a reason why we included it in our collection of best wired headphones.


Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer [CA]


For the boyfriend who works in an office or works at home, this cup warmer is the kind of gift that will seem like a gimmick at first but will quickly become something he can’t live without, especially during the winter months. Never again will he have to drink lukewarm coffee!

Samsung 64 GB Flash Drive (UK/CA)


It’s impossible to have too many flash drives, so even if your geeky boyfriend already has five of them lying around, he’ll still be able to make use of another one. They’re great for file transfers and file storage, but also for installing operating systems like Linux and a bunch of other stuff as well.

Tile Mate Key and Phone Finder (UK/CA)


For the forgetful of mind, the Tile Mate can be a life saver. It has two main components: a mobile app and a physical tracker, which you can keep on your keyring. If you lose your keys, use the app to make the tracker ring; if you lose your phone, use the tracker to make the phone ring. You can also track your phone using Tile Mate’s GPS history. So easy yet so useful.

Anker Astro Portable Charger (UK/CA)


Batteries never last as long as they should, and if your boyfriend constantly complains about being low on battery, a portable charger could be the answer to his prayers. This particular model fits right in your pocket and can fully charge your phone at least once around, even twice around for the iPhone 6s or 7.

Modest Gifts for Boyfriends (Between $25 and $100)

Roku Streaming Stick (UK/CA)


You could always go for the full Roku Media Player instead, but we think the Streaming Stick is good enough, especially as a gift. Just plug it into any TV and you’ll be able to stream all kinds of services to it, like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

If you decide to get this for your boyfriend, be sure to point him to our collection of essential Roku tips and clever Roku tricks so that he gets the most out of it right away.

3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad


Wireless charging is one of many trends that has kicked into gear this year, and there’s a lot you should know about it. While this device uses the Qi wireless charging standard, it also includes ports for both universal charging and Quick Charging (which is extremely useful if your devices support it). The convenience of wireless charging can’t be understated.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band (UK/CA)


Fitness bands and fitness trackers are a dime a dozen these days. But as long as you get one with positive user reviews, you really can’t go wrong — the differences are mostly cosmetic and preferential. This wearable by Garmin is stylish, comfortable, and water-resistant. The battery lasts at least one year, and it also comes with an inactivity alert and a sleep quality monitor.

Syma X5C Quadcopter With Camera (UK/CA)


Quadcopters, also known as drones, span the gamut of prices, quality, and features — but there’s no reason to buy one that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars unless you’re an enthusiast. And if your boyfriend is an enthusiast, he’d already own a drone.

As noted in our review of the Syma X5C, this quadcopter is fantastic for first-timers. Plus, it’s affordable. But before you drop cash on one, we suggest that you read our post on what you should know before buying a drone.

Seagate 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive (UK/CA)


With the world moving towards bigger media files, including audio and video, storage space has never been more valuable — especially if you want to avoid using the cloud. Getting your boyfriend an external hard drive will be great for all of his data backups and he’ll thank you for it. You can never have too much storage space.

Luxury Gifts for Boyfriends (Over $100)

iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (UK/CA)


Some think that robotic vacuum cleaners are a waste of money. If you’re tight on money then I absolutely agree, but this section is titled luxury gifts for a reason! If your boyfriend is too busy (or too lazy) to tidy up his place, a Roomba could very well be worth the investment.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker [CA]


You can get Bluetooth speakers that cost $20 or less, but none of them will ever sound anywhere close to this one by Bose in terms of quality. Not only does it provide full-range sound, but you can wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. It offers hours of music-playing ability per battery charge.

Amazon Echo (UK)


The Amazon Echo is an interestingly polarizing product. Some love it, others hate it. If your boyfriend subscribes to Amazon Prime and frequently uses voice commands with his phone, he’ll probably love this. The Echo has tons of creative uses and can be a great acquisition for anybody.

HTC Vive Virtual Reality System [CA]


Virtual reality is the next big thing in entertainment and can be an incredible gift if you have the money to burn. Yep, it’s quite expensive — and it also requires a powerful gaming PC to make the most of it, so don’t buy it unless your boyfriend is an avid gamer (at least for now). Check out our review of the HTC Vive to learn more.

PlayStation 4 Pro (UK/CA) or Xbox One S (UK/CA)

The PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One S have both generated a lot of buzz lately because they are the first devices to bring 4K HDR gaming to consoles. There are other things to like about them too, but you should only consider them for your boyfriend if he’s already an avid console gamer. (Make sure to find out which one he prefers first!)

What Will You Gift Your Boyfriend?

Hopefully, some of the options in this article have caught your eye, but even if they haven’t, I hope you have a few starting points that you can use in your search for a gift for your boyfriend.

Let us know what you decided to get! And if you have any other ideas that weren’t included in the post, please share them with us in the comments!

Image Credits: Dejan Dundjerski/Shutterstock

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