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ipad study appsDo you find yourself using your iPad for school and job related tasks and projects? We know the device can be great for reading ebooks, PDFs, brainstorming notes, and doing web related research. But I’ve discovered three new resources — a Diigo bookmarklet for annotating iPad Safari web pages, and two productivity apps — that you might find very useful for doing research and similar projects on your Apple iPad.

Web Highlighter for iPad Safari

If you have been using Diigo’s powerful bookmarking and annotation tools to help research your term papers Use Diigo To Help Write Your Next College Essay or Term Paper Use Diigo To Help Write Your Next College Essay or Term Paper Read More , you might be interested in knowing that you can now use a new Diigo bookmarklet on your iPad to highlight web pages, bookmark a page with tags, add a sticky note, and store bookmarks and annotations in your Diigo account.

ipad study apps

To install the bookmarklet, visit the Diigo Toolbar page in the iPad Safari browser, and tap on “Web Highlighter for iPad”.

study apps for ipad


Tap the “Install Web Highlighter Now” button and follow the two-step instructions from there. Once installed, simply tap the bookmarklet in the iPad Safari bookmarks bar to activate the annotation tools.

Note Hub

One of the coolest apps for doing project related work is a fairly new iPad app called Note Hub [iTunes Store link].

study apps for ipad

This all-in-one program enables you to take notes, draw, browse web pages, make task lists, perform calculations, and search maps.

study apps for ipad

If you’re thinking these functions are all just separate apps in single application, that’s not quite the case. What makes Note Hub even more useful is that it allows you to save documents in individual project folders.

study apps

What I particularly like about Note Hub is its icon interface. When you click on a project, you can view all its documents similarly to how you view tab pages in iPad Safari.

study apps

Note Hub really helps you multitask on the iPad without having to open four or five other applications. My only wish for the program is that the notepad could also be accessed within the web browser itself, similar to the dual web browser and notepad apps available for the iTunes Store.

All the Note Hub features described above come with a free version of the app. It want export your documents out of the program, you will need to upgrade to the pro version.

Knowtilus Navigator

Another very interesting productivity tool for the iPad is called Knowtilus Navigator [iTunes Store link]. Its features are similar to Note Hub, but I found it slightly more difficult to use. It’s not a poorly designed app, but because it’s packed with so many features, you’ll have to spend some time figuring how to access all of what it can do.

study apps

Knowtilus Navigator sports over 12 different features, including multiple web browsing and bookmarking, a Safari Desktop Reader-like tool that strips pages of obtrusive ads and other content, RSS feed downloading, Facebook, Twitter and email sharing, a doodling pad, text editing, and a language translator.

All these various tools are accessed through the Knowtilus Navigator’s pop-up navigation bar. While this feature is somewhat unique, it’s also what makes Knowtilus Navigator a challenge to use. You need to figure what buttons to tap to access particular features.

ipad study apps

Unfortunately, unlike Note Hub, you can’t organize your documents into project folders. Your content is saved in one of the categories: bookmarks, notes (Knowgets), Library (text documents), RSS feeds, and search documents. You tap the Saved icon in the toolbar to access these categories and documents.

Knowtilus Navigator is also free. The pro version includes a few additional features such a text to speech tool.

While the iPad is not a sufficient replacement for a laptop computer, the tools described above ease the chore of opening several applications to get particular tasks accomplished.

Let us know about similar practical tools you have found useful for your iPad.

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