12 Great Geek Movies You Need to See in 2016

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If you are both a geek and a lover of movies, then 2016 is going to be a great year for you. Because so many great movies are coming out which will make you feel like you have landed feet first in geek heaven.

We have compiled a list of 12 of the best geek movies being released in 2016. Obviously, a list of 12 is very subjective, and I’m sure some of you will complain I missed a movie or two.

So check out the list below before heading to the comments to tell me how wrong I am. Or better yet, tell me which movie has you quivering with excitement.

Deadpool (February 2016)

The first one on the list is Deadpool (who is described as an “anti-hero”). A former Special Forces soldier is given a medical operation, which gives him superpowers in the form of accelerated healing. Dressing up in a red suit, he decides to call himself Deadpool, and goes off to fight the bad guys, including the man responsible for pretty much most of his problems.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 2016)

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March brings us the first superhero movie I am REALLY looking forward to. Following the events of Man of Steel, Superman is called before Congress as the country turns on him for his superpowers. Batman is one of a large group of people who feel Superman needs to be stopped, as he was at the site where Superman’s battle with General Zod occurred, and he lost a lot of people as a result.

Get ready for the obligatory big battles. But also get ready for the entry of another character, who will be making her big screen debut next year. Check out the trailer to see who it is.

Snowden (May 2016)

I debated whether or not to include it on this list. But I was ultimately persuaded when I realized that Edward Snowden stood for computer security, encryption, and bringing down the curtain on the activities of the National Security Agency (NSA). Plus any movie by Oliver Stone is always good. Remember JFK? Just remember to bring a cushion as Stone’s movies tend to go on a bit.

The trailer doesn’t give away very much, and details on the plot are sparse online. But we can pretty much deduce that this will be a biopic of Snowden’s life, and how he rose to become the most wanted man in the world, and a traitor to his country.

The movie is based on the book The Snowden Files by Luke Harding, and tells how Snowden walked out of the NSA with enough secrets to rock the world to its foundations. But if you watch the news, you pretty much know how the story goes.

Snowden’s shoes are amply filled by the very talented actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and he is backed up by other big stars such as Nicolas Cage, Tom Wilkinson, and Zachary Quinto.

Captain America: Civil War (May 2016)

A triple feast of great films awaits you in May, and the best one in my opinion is Captain America: Civil War. After a mission in which there’s a lot of collateral damage, the government introduces the Superhero Registration Act, which forces all superheroes to register with the authorities.

Some, such as Tony Stark (Iron Man) think this is all fine and cool, but others such as Captain America think it is definitely not OK. So he leads a band of like-minded individuals to fight the pro-SRA guys led by Iron Man. Cue the big battle between Captain America and Iron Man.

What is it with superheroes fighting each other this year? First Batman and Superman. Now Captain America and Iron Man. Who’s it going to be next? He-Man and She-Ra fighting over Castle Greyskull?

X-Men: Apocalypse (May 2016)

This is another epic movie which is sure to rake in the dollars. Directed by Bryan Singer, the X-Men have to face a new adversary called Apocalypse. You would have seen him if you had made it to the very end of the credits of the previous movie, Days Of Future Past. This badass is presumed to be the first mutant ever in existence, and his long lifespan stretches back to ancient Egypt.

His special skills include flight, invulnerability, superhuman strength, teleportation, telekinesis… in short, he is unstoppable. Cue huge CGI effects as the X-Men go Mano a Mano with Big Angry Dude.

Independence Day Resurgence (June 2016)

I remember in 1996 when the original Independence Day came out. It was a cheesy movie with lots of unbelievably corny lines. Every time someone said something cringeworthy, the audience would let out a collective groan. After it was finished, we all consoled ourselves that they would never dare to make a sequel. Would they? Naaahhh.

Fast forward 20 years – and we have a sequel. Resurgence doesn’t include Will Smith (thankfully) but it does have lots of aliens coming back to finish the job from the last movie, as well as the requisite hammy one-liners. Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum are back from the original movie – are they really going to imply that Pullman is still the President?

Warcraft (June 2016)

This is living proof that absolutely anything gets made in Hollywood these days. A movie based on the vastly popular World of Warcraft game. What’s next, Pac-Man Wars?

Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its humans prepares to fight the invaders, Orcs from the dying world of Draenor. A gateway between the two worlds is known as the Dark Portal, and the Orcs use it to invade a world, as theirs lie dying. And… cue action with CGI fighting!!

A lot of geeks will probably love it, but it’s a bit too out there for me. Perhaps I am still scarred by the train wreck known as Eragon.

Ghostbusters 3 (July 2016)

Whether or not this movie should have been made is a topic of heated discussion for geeks everywhere. But the new Ghostbusters is undeniably a geek movie, is well loved, and so deserves a place on this list.

This time, instead of the boys chasing green ghouls down hotel corridors and taking on the might of the Marshmallow Man, we have an all-female team of Ghostbusters. There is a rumor circulating that Bill Murray has finally agreed to a brief cameo. We’ll see soon enough if that is indeed true.

The movie will go down well with die-hard Ghostbusters fans, especially the female fans, who will be happy to see a movie featuring strong female characters.

There’s still no word on the actual plot yet, but expect lots of weird jokes, CGI ghosts, and, “Don’t cross the streams!!” callbacks.

Star Trek Beyond (July 2016)

The Star Trek franchise is going through a bit of a weird phase at the moment. After a much needed reboot, we then had a strange movie with Benedict Cumberbatch, and now (if the trailer is anything to go by), the next movie coming out in July is going to be — ahem — interesting.

That’s what happens when you hire the director of Fast and Furious. Lots of explosions, lots of wisecracks, but little story. Whatever happened to “Exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and boldly going where no one has gone before”?

As yet, the studio isn’t releasing details of the plot, but regardless of the details, expect this to be one of the biggest smash hits of the summer.

Suicide Squad (August 2016)

Who doesn’t love a good government conspiracy? That is precisely what Suicide Squad offers in the form of a covert government agency who offers imprisoned supervillains clemency if they carry out black-ops missions.

With rising star Viola Davis (as the evil boss), Ben Affleck (making his second appearance this year as the Caped Crusader), Will Smith (Deadshot), Jared Leto (as The Joker), and Scott Eastwood (yes, related to that Eastwood), this movie is going to be a total blast. A little on the dark side, but still very cool.

Doctor Strange (November 2016)

After seeing him mostly as Sherlock Holmes, it is a bit weird to see Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of a superhero. But if anyone has the acting chops to pull it off, it’s Benedict.

Doctor Strange is about a brilliant yet arrogant surgeon whose career is destroyed. A sorcerer then decides to train him to defend the world against evil. He puts on the standard superhero suit and off he goes. Again, the plot is very vague at this point so we can only go by what is in the trailer above.

According to Cinema Blend, this will be a slight departure from the usual Marvel movies, with the introduction of “magic” for the first time. It’s almost as though Dumbledore lives on… at least in our hearts.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (December 2016)

And finally, arguably THE biggest movie event of 2016 – the next Star Wars. While Episode 8 won’t be out until next year, 2016 will see the first of the standalone movies, one which delves a bit into the backstory of the Star Wars universe.

Remember at the start of A New Hope when the huge Imperial ships are chasing Princess Leia’s little ship? Well, they are chasing her because they are a bit peeved that Leia is in possession of the plans for the Death Star. Plans which will ultimately enable Luke Skywalker to blow it up later on. Plans which R2-D2 kept hidden inside his unit.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story shows how the bounty hunters came into possession of the Death Star plans before handing them over to Leia. It is also unique in that it supposedly doesn’t focus on any Jedis at all. Instead it is ordinary people with ordinary skills. The regular folks forced to live under the thumb of Darth Vader and the Emperor.

Which Film In 2016 Has YOU Pumped Up?

Did I miss out your favorite movie here? There are so many great ones coming out in 2016, so these 12 are just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, they are a warm-up to 2017, when some even better movies are being released, including Star Wars: Episode VIII, Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Alien: Covenant, and Justice League, to name just a few.

Do you disagree with any of our picks? Maybe you think that this selection is terrible? Or perhaps you think that the quality of movies in general is going down the toilet? If so, we would love to hear your views, whichever side of the fence you sit.

If this has whetted your appetite for movie recommendations, be sure to check out our list of 42 classic geek movies, eight movies featuring technology, and eight more movies recommended for geeks.

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