Great Cooking Websites from a Different Perspective

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cooking-websitesOne of the things I love most in life is food. I eat about eight times a day, usually simple snacks, but I’ll never say no to a full fledged meal.

One of the things I always say is: ‘If you really love food, you learn how to make it’.

What’s better than being able to fill those vices than yourself? No chef in the world can know your tastes better than yourself.

Those things apart, cooking can keep the taste over money equation in balance. Especially when you’re still a student, cooking can make a great alternative to eating deep fried pizzas five times a week.

Included in this article are some of the more special cooking sites; not just one of the many bulk recipe warehouses on the world wide web, but sites that stand out from the rest.

Recipe Matcher – Cooking With What You’ve Got

Except from being a great site with a bulk of tasty recipes, Recipe Matcher allows you to match dishes to what you’ve got standing on the shelves. Look like a cooking genius, when you use your half-empty fridge to mash up some wonderful dishes.

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Just go to the site and sign up for an account. Then, just enter the ingredients you’ve got left and perform a quick search. You’ll receive a list of recipes, as well as a percentage bar with each, which shows you how many of the ingredients you’ve got in your possession.


From there on, you can either view the specific recipes, or print out a grocery list for the ingredients you’re short of.

Recipe Matcher also gives you the option to search for cocktails, based on what alcohol and/or other drinks you’ve got in your fridge.

recipe matcher

WHFoods – Yummy Doesn’t Have to be Unhealthy

WHFoods Our creator/mother nature can seem pretty sadistic from time to time. Nearly everything that’s fun is either unhealthy or not allowed. The thing is however, that you just have to look in the right places. Places like WHFoods, for example.

WHFoods shows you that yummy isn’t always unhealthy. Instead, healthy can even be pretty yummy.

You can base an inquiry by selecting several ingredients that you want to be included, as well as several you want to be excluded, and even the nutrients you want represented (if you have some knowledge about this).

Tip: use the Ctrl key to select multiple ingredients.

WHFoods then shows you some very simple dishes which answer to your requirements. The site doesn’t host as many recipes as Recipe Matcher though, so if your search returned blank you’ll have to be a little less picky with the ingredients.

Chadzilla – A Scientific Look at Cooking

Being a scientist in the making myself, I loved the ideas expressed on Chadzilla. This blog isn’t as big as the above mentioned sites, but because of the creative approach it cannot be ignored.

Chadzilla takes a more scientific look at cooking, using “The future of gastronomy belongs to chemistry” as a tagline. On this blog, you’ll be able to find recipes for candy tasting like BBQ sauce, Truffle Fries, Wodka Pills, and more.

If you are a geek who prefers H2O over water, and also thinks great gastronomy can be achieved through chemistry, you’d do good checking out this site.


Sam The Cooking Guy – Let’s Keep it Simple

Sam is an everyday kind of guy. Well, kinda’.

He hosts a TV show where he tries to show people that cooking can actually be pretty simple. No need for chef-blabber that no one understands.

On his site are a lot of recipes that are enormously simple to make, but taste great. A site for the everyday guy or gal who wants to make something nice, but isn’t prepared for a fight with the recipe.

Some of these dishes contain a video from his show. These are very casual and pretty fun to watch. (click here for a list with all the video-illustrated recipes)

Sam The Cooking Guy

Et vous?

Are there any other great cooking sites we forgot to mention? Do you have anything to say about any of the above sites? If so, feel free to drop a comment below.

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