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There is a high chance that the built-in paint application on your computer’s OS does not offer you all the features to create, flowcharts, and diagrams. Thankfully the web has numerous free tools to fill the gap left by your OS’s native paint app. One such flowcharting program is Grapholite.

flowcharting program

Grapholite is a free to use website that helps users create a wide variety of drawings and diagrams. Through its numerous tools you can easily create flowcharts; there are built-in shapes and other objects that particularly assist flowchart creation.

The drawing tools and different color options provided can be used to not only create flowcharts, but other diagrams as well, such as floor plans. You can save the diagrams on your computer in Grapholite’s own GRL file format and load them up later for further editing; alternatively you can export the diagrams to a PNG or JPG file.

online flowcharting tool


  • A user friendly online flowcharting tool.
  • Lets you create different diagrams and flowcharts.
  • Provides a wide variety of drawing and editing tools.
  • Diagrams can be saved in GRL format and edited later.
  • Diagrams can be exported to JPG and PNG formats.
  • Similar tools: Cacoo, SimpleDiagrams, Creately, Diagramo, ModelXtractor, LovelyCharts and Depicter.

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