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Love it or hate it, widgets are a key feature Android users enjoy that iOS lacks. Widgets keeps your home screen active and lets you see glanceable information, while also giving you the ability to customize your home screen. If you are looking for a widget that shows your Instagram feed, then you should check out Gramwidget.

instagram feed android

Once installed, Gramwidget sits on your home screen or your lock screen. Though all it really does is show pictures, the user is given a lot of options such as showing only favorite feeds, showing photos from selected hashtags, or from your selected followed users.  You can also display the most popular pictures, handy if you are the type that explores new photos.

As a staple, you can also use Gramwidget to display the latest photos from your feed, and even display your own Instagram pictures. Liking photos is a breeze, and reading comments from feeds is very simple.

Like most Android widgets, Gramwidget is highly customizable. You can set when the app should fetch new pictures, and choose where to place the widget, whether on your home screen or lock screen. It also supports landscape mode for a slicker integration with your home screen.



Gramwidget is a nice widget not only for Instagram users, but also for users looking to have new, interesting pictures show up on their home screen. Gramwidget shows how powerful Instagram’s API is, and we are excited to see what else developers can do to tie in Instagram with Android.

Gramwidget is available free in the Google Play Store.


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