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scHeadHappy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a good time last night! But back to the daily grind and my next article.

I often get asked how I take screenshots of my running Windows Mobile applications. I have jumped around from application to application and settled down on a simple program that allows me to either set a timer for a screen capture or use a hardware key to initiate the picture. The application I use is called Screen Capture and is a free application provided by a software company called Iliumsoft.

Before I get into how to use Screen Capture let me explain to you why I need to use a timer for some of my screenshots and why I cannot use the hardware button. When I hit any key on my keyboard, it will often collapse the menu I had open or obscure the screen I was going for.

With that being said let’s see how to use it to capture screenshots on a Windows Mobile device.

After you download the cab to your device you will need to run it. It installs quickly and then is ready to capture all your Windows Mobile screens.

Once you start up the application (note: it needs to be open to screenshot.) you will see the following screen. The key that it says in the top of the screen might be different. Different devices have different keys. So let us configure the application to work the way that we need it to.


screenshots windows mobile

Click the menu soft key to bring up the menu for the screen capture application. From this menu you can initiate the timer which will wait the amount of time specified in the options and then snap a screenshot of your Windows Mobile screen automatically. Like I said before, this was the main reason I grabbed this application and it has been good to me ever since.

You can open the options which we will go into more detail about. More shows you other applications created by the software manufacturer and about screen capture will show you its version information and the website of Iliumsoft.


Go ahead and click the options button on the menu and we will see a screen where we can set two very important items – which key will activate the screenshot and how long the timer waits after being initiated before snapping your screenshot.

screenshots windows mobile

For me, I ran through each of the options for the select key, and the send key (hold) was the only one that worked for me. That means I had to hold down the talk button until I heard a camera snap. You can test your setup by turning on your sound and trying the key combination. If you get it right you will hear the clicking noise a camera makes.

The select timer option has several options for me. I change it depending on how deep I need to get into the application before I want the screenshot. Remember you need to leave the application open for it to work. So open it and then hit the start menu and browse to where you need to go and hit your select key or use the timer and you are good as gold. Welcome to the world of professional screenshots on Windows Mobile!

And as an example (well actually all the ones above were taken using the application!) here is my start menu as of today!


What do you use for Windows Mobile screenshots?  Hit us up in the comments with your suggestions.

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