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Many of us have set our homepage to Google. While the minimalist style of the Google homepage suits everybody at first, users of Google’s other services require more. For example Google Calendar users will find it convenient if the Google homepage had a Calendar link on the side. Gpanion provides something similar.

all google services

all google services

Gpanion is a free to use website that gives visitors to a better alternative. The site has Google search on it as well as links to Google’s most used applications such as Gmail, Docs, and Calendar. We can customize the applications we see on the Gpanion’s homepage by signing in with our Google or OpenID account.

Once we sign in, clicking on an application link automatically signs us into it. Search and applications are located under two different tabs on the site for better organization. The search feature in the site is exactly how Google offers it: with “Advanced Search” options and the option to filter results according to Web, Images, Videos, News, Local, Blogs, and Books.

The way the results are presented will be preferred by many users because the text is bigger and the layout is neater.


all google services


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  1. LH
    June 18, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    I'm not keen on giving out my google sign in to a third party for such a limited benefit. I can achieve the same thing with a few bookmarks.