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If you are a certified foodie and you like to know every bits and pieces about the food you love, then you should check out Gourmet Origins. Gourmet Origins is a map-based online social guide that helps food enthusiasts discover the origins of gourmet foods. Through this site, you will have an idea of where exactly your favorite food came from.

origin of gourmet

You can also read facts and trivia about certain food provided by some producers. The website’s focus is in European cuisine, but they also feature food from other parts of the world as long as they pass the criteria that Gourmet Origins set.

People can advertise or differentiate their products from the rest since the website highlights the special features that makes this food unique. Users can also create their own personal food and wine diary as well as rate, give comments, and share some of the foods and wines listed on the site.

origin of gourmet

Gourmet Origins is a nice reference if you want to find out just where and how these high-class food are made.



  • Free and easy registration.
  • Food exploration tool.
  • Large database of food and wine references.
  • Customizable pages for each producer.
  • Place for food enthusiasts to interact.
  • Similar site: Foodzie and GourmetLibrary.

Check out Gourmet Origins @

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