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A lot of a researcher’s time is spent browsing the web looking for material relevant to the topic at hand. Somebody who conducts research on a daily basis on variable topics will end up spending a lot of time online, visiting many sites, and saving their URLs. GotProject presents users with a free alternative to cluttering up their bookmarks menu.

GotProject is a website that lets users add its bookmarklet to their browser’s bookmarks toolbar. Any time a webpage needs bookmarking, a user can click on the bookmarklet instead. This would insert the URL onto the user’s GotProject dashboard. Additionally you can also clip particular images and  paragraphs of text.

To see it in action, watch the video below:

The dashboard contains notes and projects. The URLs and images on the dashboard can then be dragged into notes and projects for better organization. Gathering sources in such a way saves a tremendous amount of time, particularly users who deal with multiple projects who will find that having the sources attached to each project can be extremely helpful.

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