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Goosync is a tiny mobile client that syncs your Google Calendar with your cell phone, iPhone or Blackberry. With GooSync free account you can synchronize important dates (appointments, birthdays, anniversary dates, recurrent events etc.) bi-directionally and up to 30 days in advance. It’s quick and very easy to set up, just sign-up and follow the on-site step-by-step guide.

Sync Google Calendar with Blackberry or iPhone

The only thing you should keep in mind is that in order for GooSync to keep your Google and phone calendars synced it needs to be abe to continuously connect to the internet. So unless your mobile phone plan has an unlimited data plan, you might end up with a hefty sum on your phone bill.


  • Synchronize your Google Calendar with Blackberry, iPhone or almost any other cell phone.
  • Supports 100’s of mobile phone, see the full list of supported mobile phone models here.
  • Free account lets you sync appointments upto 30 days in advance.
  • Bi-directional calendar synchronization.
  • Google Apps Support: Synchronize your device with your Google Apps Calendar.
  • Premium account with more options is also available.

Check out GooSync @

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