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If you use Google services like Gmail, Google Reader, Google Analytics a lot, this add-on is definitely worth a try. Instead of bookmarking or typing in the URL every time you want to access a Google service, this Firefox add-on lets you place shortcuts anywhere on your browser for quick access.

You can choose where to place the shortcuts and customize the shortcuts so only the ones you really need are displayed. The rest of the Google services shortcuts stay hidden and can be displayed anytime. You can also have all shortcuts display as a drop down menu and choose to open them in the current tab, new tab or sidebar with a single click. You can also change the order of the buttons anytime you want.

short cut to google

short cut to google


  • Firefox add-on with shortcuts to all Google services.
  • Display shortcuts as buttons or a drop down menu.
  • Choose which Google services shortcuts to display.
  • Fully customizable in functionality and appearance.
  • Works with Google Apps.
  • Similar site: Gpanion.

Download GoogleShortcuts @ Mozilla


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