Google’s Top 10 Hidden Treasures

googleeasteregg11   Googles Top 10 Hidden TreasuresWhile you are still hunting down Christmas presents, we here at MakeUseOf are already getting into the mood for Easter.

No, not really! But during this stressful pre-holiday season I thought it would be a good idea to spread some laughter.

Since Google is a source for quite a bit of entertainment, I compiled a list of the coolest Google treasures. Here are April Fool’s Day jokes, Easter Eggs, bombs and more in no particular order:

1. Search Google with MentalPlex

googleeasteregg01   Googles Top 10 Hidden Treasures

Of course this was an April Fool’s Day joke.

2. Search better with Google Gulp

googleeasteregg03   Googles Top 10 Hidden TreasuresThis beta beverage will quench your thirst for knowledge!

It comes in four different flavors: Glutamate Grape, Sugar-Free Radical, Beta Carroty and Sero-Tonic Water.

Since the Google search algorithm cannot be improved, Google released this series of fruity and refreshing smart drinks with auto-drink technology. They are designed to maximize its users surfing experience by making them more intelligent and less thirsty.

Yes, this was an April Fool’s Day joke as well.

3. Search Google for Once in a Blue Moon

Google’s got humor. This is a classic calculator Easter Egg.

googleeasteregg02   Googles Top 10 Hidden Treasures

4. Search Google for the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything

Even funnier, Google calculates MUCH faster than Deep Thought.

googleeasteregg04   Googles Top 10 Hidden Treasures

5. Search Google for the Number of Horns on a Unicorn

googleeasteregg05   Googles Top 10 Hidden Treasures

Now what I would like to know is how many unicorns are there on Earth? Unfortunately, Google doesn’t calculate THAT.

6. Look at Googleplex Charleston Road in street view mode.

googleeasteregg06   Googles Top 10 Hidden Treasures

Google employees organized their 15 minutes of fame. Browse around the area for more sights.

7. Look at Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh in street view mode.

googleeasteregg07   Googles Top 10 Hidden Treasures

This street view was created in cooperation with Google for the Street With A View project.

8. Type about:internets into Google Chrome’s address bar

This will only work with Windows XP as Google Chrome launches the pipes screensaver inside the tab.

googleeasteregg09   Googles Top 10 Hidden Treasures

googleeasteregg10   Googles Top 10 Hidden TreasuresThe following commands will also work for other operating systems:

9. Click [CTRL] + [ALT] + [A] in Google Earth to launch a Flight Simulator

googleeasteregg12   Googles Top 10 Hidden Treasures

Google has released the full keyboard controls for the Flight Simulator here.

10. Type “french military victories” into the search field and click “I’m feeling lucky

googleeasteregg08   Googles Top 10 Hidden Treasures

This is a Google bomb where the creator of the above seen results page takes advantage of Google’s ranking system.

Sadly, the well-known Google bombs Failure and Chuck Norris don’t seem to work anymore. And Google also fixed its translator. But there are still lots of hilarious Google-related out there, see what we got for Google on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

Do you know of any other Google hidden treasures and easter eggs?

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Matt Brian

The about:internets one had me laughing, I didn’t know that one.

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Here’s one.. type this into Google and hit enter:

worst band in the world

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Simon Mills

lol, nice!

0 votes


If you search for:
find Chuck Norris

And hit the “I’m feeling lucky button”, Google returns this:
“Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.”

0 votes


doesn’t work now

0 votes


u hv to type, “where is chuck norris” and then hit im feeling lucky

0 votes


The chuck norris search queary works on the “i’m feeling lucky” search button.. I just tried it.. pretty funny..

0 votes


That’s not google though, just the first link returned.

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LOL, some good stuff in there. ;-)

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they took it away, but for a couple of years you could type “miserable failure” and click “I’m feeling lucky” and you would get the biography of George W. Bush

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these are hilarious :) thanks for sharing

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Chuck Norris and Worst Band in the World “tricks” no longer work as described. They were fixed quite some time ago. I think there must be lots of hidden gems in Google that we just don’t know about yet… let’s find them all!

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both of them still work i have tried it just now..

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To I_KNOW: “Worst band in the world” still works. I just tried it.

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Doesn’t work for me. First hit is either a You Tube video or the urban dictionary. The latter explains what used to be the result and it no longer works.

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noo… don’t you see that a few lines down it says “see results for creed” ? there are no search keywords in those results, so its an egg from google saying creed is the worst band ever!!

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Perhaps there is some confusion between a genuine Google Easter Eggs or clever parsing of the search query (as in Tina’s post), and Google bombing or natural ordering of results returned by Google based on their PageRank. Searches via “I’m feeling lucky” will return such results (I won’t ask you explicitly to search for the once junior senator from Pennsylvania ;-)) as long as the PageRank is maintained (naturally or artificially), but not guaranteed to always be so.

I hope that is both correct (I could be wrong!) and makes sense…

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Chuck Norris one still works. Just tried it via feeling lucky button

0 votes


For me it only works when you enter “find Chuck Norris”. Used to work for just “Chuck Norris” as far as I remember.

Possibly there are differences between Google country versions.

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Actually the page that shows up isn’t affiliated with Google (or so it says), it’s a spoof page.

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If you go to you can get the Google homepage in Swedish Chef. is the homepage in Klingon.

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Flight simulator looks great =)

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I’m sad that you can no longer get “swim across the Atlantic” as one of the steps when you do a Google Directions search for any trans-atlantic destination. I innocently entered a search from Indiana to London just to determine the approximate distance between the two places and got a giggle out of seeing that surprise step. Google Directions doesn’t seem to have that joke anymore.

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It is indeed sad that isn’t there anymore, I once saw that by accident and had a laugh. But you know how it is, it’s just like warning labels exist… they had to remove it because you know that some would’ve tried it (or already has)

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Скачать мини-игры

Nice! =)))

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“Скачать мини-игры”.

Why not to say “download mini games”? ;-)

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Because it’s supposed to be a spam comment :)

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Игры скачать

Because it’s supposed to be a russian languge blog about mini-games…

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Jacob Ford

I love the Ted Stevens reference in the about:internets easter egg!

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Perhaps “swim across the Atlantic” is no longer an option, but if you want to go from San Francisco to Tokyo, the suggested itinerary is to drive north to Seattle, then “kayak across the Pacific Ocean,” stopping in Hawaii on the way.

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That’s hilarious!! Thanks for sharing skylark!

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Mark O’Neill

Ha! Ha! That one is great! Much better than “swim across the Atlantic”!

I’m just waiting for “walk across water” or “proceed by submarine” ;-)

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The calculator works in Smoots, too, but that’s not really a big surprise.

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votre nom ici

My personal favorite:

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Unfortunately it s been discontinued. Searching “weapons of mass destruction” gave a very funny error page. The link below has it up. Worth the read. I believe the timing was just before the 2nd Gulf war. Very funny page

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Wow that was a great collection . Im almost a noob in this world wide web . all the thing you listed are really nice .

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Google Reader used to show a link to the End of the Internet when you ran out of subscribed material.

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Jackson Peebles

I’m personally a fan of Google Pigeon Rank and Google Romance.

I thought the Tokyo directions were really funny, too.

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type elgoog then hit im feeling lucky…

0 votes


if you put in ”end of internet” theres a hillaryous page.!:]

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Hum… It does nothing special :(