Google’s iOS Search App Gets A Complete Redesign [Updates]

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Google has updated its self-titled iOS search app to version 2.0, bringing with it a new simpler interface, improved image search and general speed and usability enhancements. The news follows the big Google+ iOS app redesign which landed earlier this month.

In addition to a cleaner UI, Google has sped up the search auto-completion which now instantly suggests keywords for every letter you type. Search results also load faster and appear differently, popping up in what Google calls a “slide-in panel” which is now toggled with a horizontal swipe gesture.

Search modes can now be changed via a swipe-able panel at the bottom of the results screen, which enables quicker access to the new and improved full-screen image search.

Google’s suite of apps are also now all in the same place, with services like Gmail, Calendar and Docs opening in the new slide-in panel. There is also an option to view any other Google app you have on your iPhone. Goggles and Voice Search are still present but largely unchanged, allowing you to search the web by image or by speaking your query.

Update your Google app via the Updates tab in the App Store, or click here to download the app from iTunes if you don’t already have it.

What do you think of the new Google app? What should Google redesign next? Have your say in the comments, below!

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Source: Official Google Blog

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Laga Mahesa

Could someone explain to me what the point of this and similar search apps are? What’s different from searching in a browser, where you’re kinda supposed to?

Tim Brookes

Well Google’s Search app comes with Voice Search and Goggles, which allows you to search by taking a picture. Aside from this, I guess it’s just a bit of breathing space for Google to flex their search muscles.

This latest update does provide a few good reasons to give it a go, like the full screen image search, general speed enhancements and fairly slick UI. It’s also quicker to get through multiple search results with a few swipes compared to Safari.

Oh yeah, and Goggles functions as a barcode/QR reader. So I guess it’s a scanner too. Personally I’ve used Goggles to translate from Chinese back to English with (usually) decent results. That’s pretty cool, thinking about it.

Laga Mahesa

Image searching sounds interesting enough – barcode scanning I haven’t touched since RedLaser got bought by Amazon. Being in Indonesia, most of this doesn’t work too well, if at all, which certainly contributes to my disinterest.

Doesn’t Siri kinda negate the voice search?

It is times like this though that I wish iOS had a plugin/extension API, so third party devs could do what Apple did with Twitter integration.

Tim Brookes

Well let’s hope iOS 6 has more hooks, eh?

Siri does actually negate voice search for iPhone 4S owners, but if you have an older iPhone, iPod Touch or even a brand new iPad it’s still a decent little feature to have around I guess!

Goggles is fun, sometimes it’s just interesting to see what Google suggests for your image.

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