Use Google’s Chrome To Phone To Send Web Pages, Maps, & More To Your Android

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chrome to phone comic icon   Use Googles Chrome To Phone To Send Web Pages, Maps, & More To Your AndroidChrome to Phone is made up of a Chrome extension and an Android app that work together. Install both and you can quickly send web pages, maps, videos, and phone numbers from the Chrome browser on your computer to your smartphone (Android 2.2 or newer). Chrome to Phone is ideal when you’re looking up information on your computer and want to take it with you. For example, you can send a list of nearby restaurants or Google Maps directions from your computer to your phone in a single click. No need to search for the directions on your phone – just click the toolbar button, pick up your phone, and head out the door.

The Chrome to Phone app supports Android 2.2 and later, so nearly all Android users can make use of it. If you have got an Android device running Android 4.0 or newer or an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can use Chrome to Mobile and the mobile version of Chrome instead – see the Chrome to Mobile section near the end of this article for more information.


First, you’ll need to install the Chrome to Phone extension from the Chrome Web Store. After doing so, click the Chrome to Phone button on your toolbar and log in with your Google account’s username and password.

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chrome to phone sign in   Use Googles Chrome To Phone To Send Web Pages, Maps, & More To Your Android

Next, you’ll have to install the Chrome to Phone app from Google Play. After doing so, launch the app and follow the instructions on your screen to register the device – this links the Chrome to Phone extension and app together. Ensure both devices are using the same Google account.

chrome to phone android app setup   Use Googles Chrome To Phone To Send Web Pages, Maps, & More To Your Android


Chrome to Phone can send web pages from your computer to your phone, which is particularly useful when you’re doing some research before leaving your computer. Just click the Chrome to Phone button and the curent web page will be sent to your phone – it’ll automatically open in your phone’s browser.

send restaurants to phone   Use Googles Chrome To Phone To Send Web Pages, Maps, & More To Your Android

Chrome to Phone can also launch specific apps. For example, if you’re using Google Maps to get directions, you can click the Chrome to Phone button and the directions will appear in the Google Maps app on your phone. This also works with videos on the YouTube website – they’ll open in the YouTube app.

google maps directions on android4   Use Googles Chrome To Phone To Send Web Pages, Maps, & More To Your Android

You can even select phone numbers on web pages and click the Chrome to Phone button – the dialer will launch and you can call the number with a single tap.

Chrome to Phone History

The Chrome to Phone app on your Android contains a history of all the things you’ve send to your phone, so you can quickly revisit them later. You can clear the history from the app, if you like.

chrome to phone app history4   Use Googles Chrome To Phone To Send Web Pages, Maps, & More To Your Android

Chrome to Phone vs. Chrome to Mobile

Note that Chrome to Phone is different from Chrome to Mobile, a similar Chrome extension.

Chrome to Phone sends links to the Chrome to Phone app on your Android device – this app runs on Android 2.2 and 2.3 (Froyo and Gingerbread), which are older versions of Android. Currently, the majority of Android users are using Gingerbread, so Chrome to Phone will be most useful to most Android users.

Chrome to Mobile sends pages from your computer’s Chrome browser to the Chrome browser running on your mobile device. As the mobile version of Chrome only runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later and iOS, the majority of Android users will need Chrome to Phone at the moment.

chrome to mobile   Use Googles Chrome To Phone To Send Web Pages, Maps, & More To Your Android

If you’re already using Chrome on your phone or tablet, note that Chrome also supports cross-device tab sync – you don’t have to send a page to Chrome. Instead, just open Chrome’s new tab page, tap Other Devices, and tap any tab to open it.

chrome tab sync on android   Use Googles Chrome To Phone To Send Web Pages, Maps, & More To Your Android

For more great Chrome extensions and Android apps, check out our lists of the best Google Chrome extensions and best Android apps.

Do you find Chrome to Phone useful? Or are you already using Chrome to Mobile or Chrome’s tab sync feature on a newer version of Android or iOS? Leave a comment and share your experience!

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Rick Shortt

This sounds like a really great app if it works for you. I, unfortunately tried it some time ago with my LG Optimus V and Chrome on my computer and never could get it to actually work. I’m now using a three-pronged method that may seem complicated but actually is quite simple and at least as versatile.

First I have Barcode Scanner installed on my phone . This app can be set to copy the content of any bar or qr code to the phone clipboard and also gives to option to open scanned codes in the appropriate app such as browser, maps, YouTube, phone, sms, etc.

Next I have the Mobile Barcoder extension installed in Firefox . This can generate a QR code for any web page you happen to be on, for any link you right click on, or any text you select. So scanning it with the phone copies it to the phone clipboard as well as gives the option to open the page in the browser. If you right click on the toolbar icon it will make a popup QR code for the page you are on but if you left click it will open the code in a new tab which you can then save.

Thirdly, I have ClipSync installed on both my computer and phone . This app copies the clipboard (text only I believe) from either device to the other regardless of what application you are using. It doesn’t have to be Chrome or Firefox or any other particular app. I can copy a url, phone number, text from a word processor, email, sms, etc. and then immediately paste it to any app on the other device.

I can also copy a url, text, etc on the computer, open Barcode Scanner and create a barcode on the “Share” page of the app by pasting the clipboard contents into the appropriate field.

I’m still finding more things I can do with this threesome and find it incredibly quick and easy. Throw in Dropbox, Evernote, and ES File Explore among others and the ways to share things between your devices is nearly endless.


Chris Hoffman

Too bad it didn’t work for you, it works fine for me. That’s a really interesting set up though — one of the first good uses for QR codes I’ve seen.


Rick Shortt

Oh yeah, the Barcode Scanner also saves it’s history, so if you are in a hurry to run out the door but have three or four open tabs on your computer you want to keep reading later, you can just quickly scan the QR codes from each page then open them later from the scanner history.


Rick Shortt

My first post didn’t show up which is why the one above sounds weird.



I installed this 2 months ago and it works well. Give it a try…


Usman Mubashir

Always wanted a chrome mobile..



Unfortunately Google Map on Android phone can not open directions containing routes with intermediate stops… Anyway, it’s a great app and the author deserve all respects!

Chris Hoffman

Yeah, I think Google Maps for Android doesn’t support that — it’s too bad.


Harshit Jain

Now I can easily send stuff to my tablet.



nice app.. this is what i was looking for to get the perfect browsing experience when i switch from my laptop to my mobile.


Ashwin Ramesh

Nice :) Worth a try!


Vampie C.

Can you also send pages from your phone to chrome?

SO when I’m sitting in the couch, surfing during the commercial break and I find a nice site or link, I want to read that on my PC.
Can that be achieved?

Chris Hoffman

Well, if you have an Android 4.0+ (ICS) smartphone, you can use the Chrome app and access your open tabs from each device.

Sadly, this app doesn’t do that, though.



Its great app, I use it quite often to send apk download links to my phone. Its also worth mentioning that firefox on PC can also be made compatible with Chrome to Phone android app :) Just install Fox to Phone addon:

Chris Hoffman

Firefox Sync works really well if you’re using Firefox on Android, too.


Easton Wiki

Such an amazing app! I love being able to send sites over for offline use and i dont even have to bother opening any links, its just auto there in chrome.


Jennifer Lee

Love chrome over IE or firefox! Wish I could remove Safari from my iphone!

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