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Google has a massive blog network that spans over 100 unique blogs. These blogs cover a number of different fields, from company news to latest web technologies. Due to their number and content, these blogs can easily become hard to follow for most people. Recognizing this, Google has now launched Google New.

latest google updates

Google New is a new service from Google that outlines all the latest news Google’s blog network has to offer. This includes anything from Adwords, Webmaster, Adsense to Earth and Maps, Orkut and Docs. Google prioritizes all the important news by placing them at the top of the page and the portions of the latest posts on that network below that.

google developments

In addition to that a number of filters are available that let you view the posts that are relevant to your interests.



  • A user friendly website.
  • Shows the latest on Google’s blog network.
  • Covers all Google blogs and their latest news.
  • Lets you filter certain blogs to view what you want.

Check out “Google New” @

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