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Google+, the online social network by Google, lets you add friends and contacts into various groups called circles. As easily as you can put somebody in a circle, you can also remove them too. Here to keep an eye out for anybody who removes you from a Google+ circle is a free tool called GoogleMINUS.


GoogleMINUS keeps an eye on your Google+ contacts and notifies you anytime somebody removes you from one of their Google+ circles – a feature absent from the native Google+ interface. This helps easily determine if you are oversharing with people who are not reciprocating.

GoogleMINUS: Get Notified When Somebody Removes You From Their Google+ Circles google minus1

Since it is primarily a browser extension, to use GoogleMINUS you first need to install the Kynetx browser extension for your browser: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are supported.


Check out GoogleMINUS @

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  1. Anonymous
    September 21, 2011 at 4:57 pm

     If you are fine with the warning shown above and want to know who
    unfriends  you on Google Plus, go ahead and install this nice extension
    and whenever someone removes you from their circle, it will show you a
    notification .

    Bye Video