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Do you love Google, but find it far too quick and convenient? Try Google60. This site claims to offer a “Mad Men”-style Google search, but don’t expect to watch 1960’s advertising executives selling the idea of happiness to the American public while utterly failing to find it themselves. No, this is only “Mad Men” themed in the sense that it replicates technology from the 1960s, and man, is it infuriating.

To begin, enter your search query using a “typewriter”. Hit enter and the painful process begins.


The entire Google logo is then printed in ASCII, line by line – but it’s only temporary progress. Before you can see your search results you have to watch a tape deck turn for what feels like an eternity. Then and only then can you see your search results print – again, line by line.

Do you want to click a result? You can’t. Copying and pasting is the best you can do, and after going through the process of running a search with this, that much even feels like a blessing.


The point, if there is one, seems to be this – accessing information used to be a great deal harder then it is now. In the 1960’s a “Google” machine like the one imitated here would have been a technological marvel, giving everyone access to almost anything. Today Google and services like it are so commonplace that waiting two minutes for a search result feels painful.

It’s worth thinking about, and if you use Google60 regularly you’ll have plenty of time to do just that.

  • Google, delivered to you with all the speed of a 1960’s supercomputer.
  • An imitation of retro technology complete with typewriters, tape and ASCII art.
  • Potentially a lesson about technological growth, but also quite annoying.
  • Type “About” to read creator Norbert Landsteiner’s reason for making the site.

Check out Google60 @

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