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Google With Social Stats, as the name indicates, is Google search combined with social network stats. So when you search for a query in this search engine, not only you get the Google results but you can also see the number of tweets an article has received, the number of Facebook likes and the number of Google +1s. The results also show article thumbnails along with the links so that makes it look better. It is basically a Google custom search engine that combines social analytics.

google search results social media

The tool has been developed by Amit Agarwal of the Digital Inspiration blog, and the online service arose out of a need to find a way to see social reach as well Google search rank of content on one single page. The interface is clean and you can get started instantly by typing a query.


  • See the social stats of content along with visibility in Google.
  • Shows tweets, Facebook likes and Google +1s.

Check out Google With Social Stats @

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