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Last week, we asked you if you downloaded movies. Some of you might have been a little worried in answering. Don’t worry we are not working with the entertainment industry! Your responses were completely confidential!

I know a lot of people who just download everything they want with no regards for copyright law. We learned that the majority of you feel the same way. 58% or 566 votes for “Hell yeah! I download any movie I want to watch”. In second place was “Sometimes I will but not usually” with 24% or 239 votes. Third place was held by “Nope, I will never download a copyrighted movie” with 9% or 91 votes.

You can view the full vote count after the jump.



We learned that downloading movies is not illegal in Spain (that can’t be right!). We also learned that some people feel very strongly about piracy, like these two users:

I hate pirates. They’re ruining everything. Pirates already completely destroyed PC-Games and they’re also destroying movies and music. If you want to use a product (game, movie, music), just pay for it. You don’t want to pay? Then just don’t use the product. It’s that simple.


I know it’s just a poll but I think the better question is if you download movies vs. going to the theatre vs. renting vs. paid digital distribution etc. Meaning, I’m guilty of downloading lots of movies, but I also go to the theatre about 3 times a month and regularly buy pay-per-view HD movies through my cable tv provider. So I put in more than my fare share of money into the industry. I’m not just a leech. Plus more often than not I download a movie I would not have otherwise been at all interested in paying to see but for free I’ll give it a shot (and that may lead to a dvd purchase if worthy).

That sure is two different views!

Now this week we are asking you if you use Google Wave?

When Google Wave first came out everyone was scrambling to get an invite and now it has settled down to a light buzz. I have to admit I was one of the first ones using it. We used it here at for a little while and then interest started to drop off.

People did not want to check another place for messages. But isn’t Google Wave supposed to replace email? What do you think? Well we want to hear from you!

Your responses are important but your comments are invaluable and they give us an insight into what our readers are thinking. So please share your insights with the rest of the class.

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