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Google’s mobile payment platform, known as Google Wallet, has just gone through some major changes. They are moving stored payment information to Google’s secure servers. Previously, payment information was contained in a secure storage area on a user’s device. Google says this will cause faster integration with major credit card companies.

Google is also adding the ability to pay with Visa, American Express and Discover. Before this update, users could only pay with MasterCard and their PayPass product. This opens up the service to many more potential users who do not currently own a MasterCard.

This Google Wallet update also adds a fantastic security feature that allows users to remotely disable the Google Wallet service if their device is lost or stolen. You simply go to Wallet on the web and remove the functionality from your device. If you manage to recover your lost or stolen phone, you can simply reinstall the app and have everything up and running again.

Sadly, the list of devices supported by Google Wallet is still fairly sparse. The Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, HTC Evo 4G, Nexus 7 and LG’s Viper and Optimus are the only phones currently supported on the system.

Hopefully, with the Google Wallet service expanding, the devices offered will expand with it.


Source: TheNextWeb

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