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SendHub — the business-focused calling and messaging app — was released for Android on Monday after a high demand from users. Since its first arrival on iPhone nearly a year ago, SendHub’s developers have received nearly 30 request per day for an Android version.

SendHub is akin to an enhanced version of Google Voice 5 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Voice 5 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Voice Blog from your phone, call Canada for free or use your computer to make free phone calls. Google Voice isn't the easiest Google service to explain to non-techies, partially because it can be used for... Read More  with features that are targeted mostly at businesses and professionals. On a grand scale, users can even organize company lines and text archives using the service’s online SendHub Manager.

The core features of the app include calling and texting over WiFi, 3G, 4G or cellular voice networks, group messages, auto-responders, contact lists, and more. Furthermore, the Android app already includes support for call transfers — a function that is currently in the Apple App Store review process but expected to launch for iOS soon enough. Other features like conference calling and cloud storage are expected to be implemented in the future.

After a receiving enough financial backing through a successful Y Combinator campaign, SendHub originally marketed itself towards businesses and consumers alike. However, after some time, the service found a more professional purpose. Now that the app is available on Android, professional users of both major platforms will be able to collaborate much more easily.

SendHub targets itself mainly at businesses, but it does offer new users with your first line for free. Beyond that, 60 voice minutes, 500 messages, and 3 groups of 50 contacts are included in SendHub’s most basic plan, and tiered paid plans are available depending on your needs. The service is currently available only for users in the US and Canada.


If you’re ready to jump in, download SendHub from the Google Play Store right now.

Is SendHub a good alternative to Google Voice?

Source: TechCrunch

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