Google Updates Google Map Developer Tools For Easy App Integration [Updates]

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After only being accessible through approved API keys, the Google Maps SDK for iOS is now available for all iOS developers. This updated release will allow any third-party developer to integrate Google Maps into their apps, allowing for more reliable navigation data access to users.

Google announced a new SDK update via blog post on Thursday. The new update will offer support for ground overlays, gesture control, and geodesic polylines. Although not exclusively mentioned by Google, all iOS developers can now access the Maps data API keys using the API Console. No longer will these developers have to wait for approval by Google.

Google announced its intent for an iOS Maps SDK in late December after the release of iOS 6’s Apple Maps. The forced usage of Apple’s version resulted in customers complaining about bugs that included missing locations and poor directions. Shortly thereafter, Google released its own more reliable Maps app for iOS.

The new integration capabilities will allow for more data options to be made available to iOS users. It is expected that the release of the new developer tools will also spark significant changes in the app store selections.

What do you think about Google’s release of the new API? Do you believe that app developers will make use of the new data? How do you think the new keys will affect you? What apps do you think will make use of the new API keys? If you are an iOS developer, will the new Google Maps developer tools be a positive change for your own products?

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Source: ARS Technica via CNET

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