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This past summer, two Chromebooks What Is A Chromebook? [MakeUseOf Explains] What Is A Chromebook? [MakeUseOf Explains] Everything is moving towards the web, which is now more commonly being dubbed “the cloud”. As such, your devices should probably be ready and well equipped to make full use of cloud services for your... Read More were released, and then not much happened. The Acer and Samsung models, neither of which was considered great value for money, toiled on without any major hardware or software updates. Even Google preferred to stay silent.

There’s nothing like a holiday shopping season to lower prices, however.  Google has announced that the entry level Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung will be dropped to $299, finally putting them a bit below the price of a typical dual-core netbook. The new pricing will be available sometime this week through authorized retailers, so if you don’t see it yet updated, hold off on your purchase.

In some cases, this drop is in excess of $100. Best Buy, for example, normally demands $429.99 for the base Samsung Series 5. In addition, the Series 5 will now be available in black as well as the current options of silver and white. Acer’s version will still come only in black.

Besides the significant price changes, Google has updated the OS to include a couple new features. The login interface has been revised to be brighter, more attractive, and display slightly larger user thumbnails. The New Tab The 10 Best Extensions For Chrome Tab Management The 10 Best Extensions For Chrome Tab Management If you’re a multi-tasker like me, you love tabs. Perhaps a little bit too much, as it’s easy to suddenly find you have a buffet of tabs available, but you’re no longer quite sure what... Read More page has also been revamped (just as it was in a recent Chrome browser release) and new shortcuts to important features, such as the file manager and the Chrome web store Google Unveils The Chrome Web Store [News] Google Unveils The Chrome Web Store [News] Read More , are now automatically available.

Source: The Official Google Blog


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