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Google this week released Chrome for iOS version 27 with improved voice search, faster page reloading, and security and stability fixes. Chrome’s voice search is similar to and in many ways faster and more responsive than Apple’s voice search feature, Siri.

Chrome voice search delivers nearly instantaneous results depending upon the type of queries it receives. You can activate voice search by tapping in the Chrome search field and then the mic icon, and from there speak your query, such as “What’s the weather like in San Francisco?”

Chrome will not only download the results in typical fashion, but it will also speak the answer to factual questions, GPS queries, and the like. Asking for example, “What’s the best computer, Mac or PC?” will of course not get you a voice response. Voice results are more responsive to direct factual queries, such as “What is the circumference of the earth?”, or “Directions to the nearest McDonalds.”

Your voice queries will get typed out in the search field so they can be copied and used elsewhere. Voice search is also available in over three dozen languages that can be selected in the Preferences settings of the app.

The Chrome update retains useful features like incognito tabs, which means that all your searches and internet browsing in those pages will not be recorded in your browser history or search history, and they won’t leave cookies behind.


In addition, unlike the limited sharing features of iOS Safari, Chrome allows users to share web pages to Google+, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, as well as Mail and Messages. However, Chrome can’t be set as the default web browser for iOS.

Let us know what you think of the new Chrome app and its capabilities. How do you use the voice search function?

Source: TUAW

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