Google Translate For Android Now Works Offline With 50 Languages [Updates]

translatethumb   Google Translate For Android Now Works Offline With 50 Languages [Updates]Travelling in a foreign country and without an Internet connection? The new version of Google Translate for Android lets you to download 50 language to be used offline, no matter where you are. Don’t worry, you don’t need to download all of them; only download the language pack corresponding to the country you are travelling to, or the languages you most commonly have to translate to/from. The language packs are available through the Offline Languages menu.

Google says that the offline language packs are less comprehensive than their online equivalents, but they are good enough for translating in a pinch when travelling abroad with poor reception or without mobile data access. The offline access should not only help you negotiate the language divide but also break the ice if need be while in a foreign culture.

google translate android   Google Translate For Android Now Works Offline With 50 Languages [Updates]

Travelling to Asia? The new update includes another useful feature: camera translation of vertical text in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.  This means you can now point your device at a vertical text sign, and get a quick translation with Google Translate. Using your camera to read and translate signs is a good use we alluded to in 10 uses of Google Translate to cross the great language divide.

Both these changes should make Google Translate even more useful when travelling abroad. What do you think of them?

Download the latest version of Google translate for Android from the Play Store.

Source: Android Blog

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Pratish Rao

offline…translation…looks gud…



Nevzat A

It’s called power in your hands!


Downloading it now!

Abhijith R

No worries of network for translation. Good

Aleksandra H



About time, lets hope Maltese and Dutch are in there. I like the camera feature to convert text love to see that developed even to native speaking languages converted to text then translated i have many home movies that have no subtitles available


this is great news, hopefully maltese and dutch are there. Would love to see native language translated.

Trevor Haagsma

this is great, i love the ‘take a photo translation’ high hopes that speech to text translation is next family videos in dutch could then be understood correctly :D