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Even though switching task managers is not as bad as switching email services, it can still be a pain. However, if you are moving to or from Google Tasks, this small app can save you lots of time and headache. Google Tasks Porter lets you take snapshots of your Google Tasks and export them to a format suitable to Outlook, iCalendar and even Remember The Milk. You can view your old snapshots anytime and choose to export them.

The tool also lets you import tasks into Google from Outlook or iCalendar. Simply upload the file and give your new task list a name. There is nothing to install or download, simply go to the appspot page linked below and authorize the app to access your Google Tasks.

export tasks from google


  • Import or export Google Tasks easily.
  • Works with Outlook, iCalendar and RememberTheMilk.
  • View or delete old snapshots at anytime.
  • No registration or download required.

Get Google Tasks Porter @

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