Google Street View Hyperlapse: Create Hyperlapse Videos By Connecting 2 Points On a Google Street View Map

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Hyperlapse photography is a technique that combines time-lapse and sweeping camera movements, typically focused on a point-of-interest (usually a geographical location like a city, a field or a route etc) and which is a growing trend on video sites.  However, creating these hyperlapse videos requires hours and hours of manually stitching photos taken from mapped locations. Now you can create your own hyperlapse videos quickly thanks to a new tool called Google Street View Hyperlapse.

It lets you stitch together different Google Street view locations and combine them into a single hyperlapse video of a specific route or a location.

make hyperlapse video

Simply plug in two points on a Google Street View map (A for starting point, B for end point) and it will do the stitching for you. You can play around by dragging the points on the map and see the resulting video. It creates truly amazing hyperlapse videos you never thought were possible before. The best part is that it only takes a couple of minutes.

google street view hyperlapse

If you want to modify and play around with the parameters, all of the source code is available on GitHub for anyone to modify and share.


  • Stitches together two locations on a Google Street View map.
  • Configure parameters by using the open source code available online.
  • Uses a maximum of 60 frames per animation for greater accessibility.
  • Best viewed in the Google Chrome browser.
  • View available examples of hyperlapse videos of Golden Gate, Manhattan Bridge, Hong Kong Towers and other locations.
  • Similar tools – Instant Google Street ViewShowMyStreet.
Check out Google Street View Hyperlapse @
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