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Once you are logged into Google, you would want to move around all Google services seamlessly. To that end, Google has updated the Google Bar with a new design.

The old black bar that spanned the length of the screen has been done away with for a less obtrusive design. The new Google App launcher is more simplified as it gives you access to all Google services under one common grid. The “Apps grid” button is available on the top-right and a click on it reveals a drop-down menu with all the Google service icons neatly displayed. The Apps grid is also seen on Android and Chromebooks.


Google has also announced the launch of a new logo. The new logo is a subtle modification over the old. Look carefully and you will see a flatter emblem and slightly altered letters. It is not a major change from the old logo, but the 3D embossed appearance and color gradations of the old has been dropped. Google seems to have embraced a new design philosophy.

The changes aren’t earth-shattering, but noteworthy all the same. Do you see the changes on your Google homepage? Is the new app launcher better than the old… or is it something that doesn’t bother you much? Do tell us about your impressions.

Source: Google Inside Search


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