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Spreading some cheer for spreadsheet users, Google has made the process of editing data easier and quicker. Now you can totally bypass the chart editor and edit more directly by clicking on the part of the chart you want to format like the colors, legend, and labels.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the new way to edit is a handy shortcut which makes the spreadsheet program more user friendly. The quick editing function extends to any editable part of the chart like the horizontal and vertical axes and the data series on them.

The Quick Edit mode is explained in more detail on Google Docs Help. But the help page also says:

Quick Edit is not available for all chart types. Charts that don’t allow Quick Edit will not show the two buttons in the top-left corner, and can be edited only by opening Advanced Edit mode.

Google Spreadsheets also gets a Move and Resize mode for better visibility and chart design. In this mode, you can move and resize the chart to better fit in other components like axis labels and the legend. As the Google Drive blog explains:

Click the background of the chart and choose the Move and Resize option. You’ll then be able to drag the edges of the chart and move it around to allow things like the legend labels to all fit on one line.


Once done, you can click back to the view mode and take a preview. The Google Drive blog also says that more charting features will be added soon.

Source: Google Drive Blog

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