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When it comes to innovation, it’s hard to beat Google. That’s exactly what the Google Sky Map app for the Android phone shows. It helps you explore the night sky by just pointing your Android phone to the sky. It uses the phone’s GPS, built-in compass, accelerometer and clock to get your location and detect the motion of your phone as you move it around. It can show the constellations, stars and planets as you move your phone while pointing it to space, and works in both automatic and manual mode.

explore the stars

explore the sky

If you want to know the location of a specific planet or star from where you are standing, Sky Map could do that for you too. There’s a search option available in the app that lets you search for the planet and then it points out the direction in the sky where the planet can be found.


  • Explore the sky through your Android phone.
  • Explore stars, celestial objects, planets, constellations and more.
  • Both manual and auto mode available.
  • Also search the location of a specific planet or star.
  • Similar tools: MoonZoo, WorldWideTelescope, Celestia, Star Viewer and Stellarium.

Check out Google Sky

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