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The Internet has made the world much smaller for us. Indeed, apps like Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Street View give us the ability to view various places from different parts of the earth. Google Sightseeing is a web blog that is dedicated to sharing unique and interesting places from all over the world as seen from these Google tools. To paraphrase the site’s catch phrase, why bother seeing the world for real when in fact you can just view it from the comfort of your own computer?

tour the world from your desktop

Google Sightseeing features various articles that tackle a wide variety of topics – beautiful places, weird places, Einstein, animals, towers, restaurants, toilets and many more.  These articles include embedded Google Maps, Google Earth, or Google Street View snapshots which make the website more interactive than say, a travel blog. Users can also navigate the articles via countries or categories, if they are looking to find something specific. There is also a section that is dedicated to interesting Google Street View sights.

All in all, Google Sightseeing is a gem of a blog so that people like us can explore the beautiful and fascinating world out there without even leaving our own homes.


  • Explore interesting places from all over the world with the help of Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Steet View.
  • Interesting articles with interactive web technologies.
  • View articles based on countries or categories.
  • Browse entertaining Street View sights.
  • Suggest and submit interesting sights from Google Earth or Google Maps.

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