Google+ Now Allows You To Share Whole Circles With Friends [News]

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Google announced a new feature yesterday for Google+ called circle sharing. You can now share whole circles with your friends, and thus introduce or suggest people to them easily. This is especially useful for professional circles. If you want, for example, to share all your professional contacts with your colleagues, you can now do it in two clicks. If building, maintaining and organizing your circles sometimes seems like a chore, this might be the feature that makes all that effort worthwhile.

Sharing a circle is easy. Simply go to your circles page, choose the circle you want to share and click on it. You will then get the option to share it.

2011-09-27 18h39_03

Click “share” and a new window will open, allowing you to choose which circles you want to share with and add a comment.

2011-09-27 18h39_48

There are several important things to note about circle sharing:

  • You can only share a circle as it is at that moment. Any changes you make will not be automatically shared. The name of the circle will also remain private.
  • You can only share circles with whole circles. If you have a new friend and you want to share your professional connections with him, you’d have to create a new circle just for him. You can’t choose separate people to share circles with.

Here is a short video demonstration of the new feature.

Source: ReadWriteWeb

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