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GooglepolicyEffective March 1, Google will commence its new (and controversial) Privacy Policy which enable it to do more in terms of gathering and storing search queries, history, logs, and personal information from its users. Other than closing your Google account(s), you cannot fully block the search engine site from gathering this type of information. But as Daily Mail Online outlined, you can take three easy steps to remove your browsing history from your Google account.

Why would users want to clear their browsing histories? Well, those who may have concerns about their sexual orientation, home location, and other personal interests being revealed as a result of logging into their Google account may not want such information accessed by others. After March 1st, under it’s new Privacy Policy, Google can make available users’ browsing history to all other Google products. If this bothers you, there’s a simple three-step way to remove your browsing history.

1. Log into your Google account. Under your profile name, click on “Account settings.”

2. Scroll down to the Services section and click on “Go to web history.”


3. At the top of the Web History page, click on the “Remove all Web History” button.

You can always return to the Web History page and click the “Resume” button to allow Google to resume collecting your search queries.

If you do not sign into your Google account, Daily Mail Online reports that Google can “track your searches via the computer’s IP address. The only way to clear your personal history is by signing in.”

Source: Daily Mail Online

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