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Have you ever tried to Google how many pounds equal a kilogram? If yes, then you will have noticed that Google presented the conversion factor right at the top of the results. Similarly there are other tricks that Google responds to in a direct way e.g. the weather of your city. To  check out which keywords each of these tricks corresponds to, check out Google Search Features.

get the most out of google

On Google’s Search Features page, Google provides a key to all these tricks that can be used to quickly get the desired information. These features are all a special combination of keywords.

For example if you want to get a stock quote, type the ticker symbol into the query box such as CSCO. To check the precise sunrise timings of your city, enter “sunrise cityName”.

how to get the most out of google search

Other features include a calculator, book search, unit conversion, earthquake information, and public data.

Furthermore, there are features related to language, your locale, health, and travel. Remember to pay the page a visit and find how you can get the most out of Google Search.


  • Learn how to get the most out of google search.
  • Shows you different keyword combinations that can be used to get quick Google Search results.
  • Covers areas of language, travel, unit conversion, and many others.

Check out Google Search Features @

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