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Google has launched a new update for their iOS application recently which adds some key features that were missing from the app. The three key features in this new version of the app finally bring the iOS Gmail to the level of other Gmail clients.

The first, and most noticeable new feature in this update is support for the Notification Center. It is supported through banners, alerts and locked screen alerts. Google also states that notifications in the update are much faster than the previous version. In fact, they are claiming that they are five times faster than before.

Another key feature is the addition of being able to send from alternate email accounts. It does not support multiple accounts in the same streamlined way as Android, but at least being able to send from alternate accounts makes the app much more functional.

The last key feature is that your device will never log you out of your Gmail account unless you specifically tell it to. This makes sense because in order for notifications to work, you need to be logged in.

Overall, this is a great update for the Gmail app, and it makes it something that might be worth using. Of course, the device has a mail client built-in, but if you prefer the Gmail app instead, this update should make you happy.


Do you use the Gmail app, or do you prefer the built-in iOS mail client? Sound off in the comments!

Source: 9to5Mac

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