Google Rolls Out Official iPhone App For Its Helpouts Service

It seems as if Google is always up to something, and it has just gone and added another application to its staple of offerings on iOS with the launch of its app for its Helpouts service. Helpouts, like most of Google’s apps, is available as a free download from the App Store.

If you’ve never heard of Google Helpouts, it’s one of the search giants lesser-known services that allows users to get on Hangouts to connect with experts on various subject matters. For example, a user looking for help with a computer issue could turn to Helpouts to find a resolution for his or her problem. Other subject matters covered include cooking, electronics, art, music, careers, and plenty of other things you could want to know about.

Now, it’s worth noting that while the application itself is available free, not all sessions are. Granted, you can jump into certain ones without spending money, but it will depend on the expert. Still, the chance to speak to someone who is in the top of their field is a rare opportunity for most people, and it’s definitely a cool service Google is offering here.

   Google Rolls Out Official iPhone App For Its Helpouts Service

Using the app, one can find Helpouts, schedule them for a later time, send messages, and even provide their services to others by creating a Helpout. Essentially, anything that can be done from Helpouts on other platforms can be done using the app.

For now, the app is available for iPhone and iPod touch. Hopefully Google rolls out an iPad version soon, but for the time being, only smaller-screen iOS devices are supported naively.

Source: App Advice

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Stephan Boehringer

I think this is a great idea of Google’s. The more ways they can figure out to connect thought leaders and experts is specific industries, the better.

Maarten D

It’s weird, Google seems to have more apps on iOS than on Android.