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Google must be realizing that in the tablet world, there’s only one ruler. This is probably why they’ve just released a significant upgrade for their iOS app, which is entirely focused on the iPad. While the app undoubtedly works on other iOS devices, Google has made visible efforts to make the user experience on the iPad at least on par with other browsers, if not better.

The upgrade brings to the app many features we already know from the desktop version, but they are now seamlessly implemented into the touch interface of iOS devices. Among the new features are instant search, new and improved image carousel, side to side browsing and search results previews.

The new Google app is actually a browser for all intents and purposes. You can search by typing or by voice, and then browse search results in the usual list or in instant previews.


A toolbar just below the search box allows you to filter your results, just like you can do on your desktop, and view only images, videos, news, etc. Viewing images is now an upgraded experience, with an image carousel you can browse by swiping left or right.



While checking out results, you can load any page and then slide it to the left and right so you can view both your pages and your search results simultaneously.


There’s also easy find on page, social sharing, visual history browsing, easy access to other Google apps, and more. Watch this video from Google for a walkthrough of the new features.

Source: Official Google Mobile Blog

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