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Well, it’s officially here. The Google Offers app, which was announced when the company unveiled Google Wallet, has been released on the Android market for anyone (in the United States) to download.

The Offers website has been in beta since May and focused first on Portland, Oregon. In July, the beta expanded to New York and San Francisco. As of the release of this app, Offers supports 17 cities including Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia and Austin. As you’d expect, a large number of other cities are “coming soon”.

Using the app is easy. Once installed, you “subscribe” to your city, and the app is populated with offers. If you see an offer you like, you purchase it directly from the app. The number of people who can grab an offer is often limited by time or number of purchases, so you have to act fast.

So far, the number of offers available is limited. I checked several cities and found that one or two options were available at each location. To be successful, the app will need to offer more, well, offers – but I have little doubt that more will become available over time.

In a bit of irony (or perhaps intentional ribbing) the release of this app coincides with Groupon’s IPO. Google tried to buy Groupon for six billion dollars in 2010, and was snubbed. Will Google Offers be able to compete? That’s up for you to decide, so check it out and let us know what you think.


Source: AndroidGuys

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