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To provide you with even more information while browsing the web, Google recently released a new IE, Google Chrome, and Google Toolbar extension, entitled Google Related. The extension works automatically when you visit a site, similar to how you do manual searches for a particular topic you’re reading about.

So for example when you visit a review about a particular product, the extension will produce a pop-up panel at the bottom of the page, featuring links to news stories, movies, maps, and images related to the product on the current page you’re viewing.

In the case of movie links in Related, they can be viewed within the panel pop-up without leaving the page. Other content links will open up in a new browser tab. The now familiar “+1 button Plus One For Everyone – Google Launches +1 For Websites [News] Plus One For Everyone – Google Launches +1 For Websites [News] Google’s baked-in social sharing feature, Google +1, has now been released for use by webmasters. If you’re not already aware, +1 is the company’s attempt to challenge Facebook’s popular sharing feature. Giving a +1 to... Read More ” also appears in Related links so that you can a give it your “stamp of approval.”


Google Related can be especially useful for when you’re browsing business, shopping, news, and other sites in which you will probably want to browse additional related product reviews, travel directions, and videos. It could save you the time of opening another browser and manually doing searches.


The Related bar doesn’t seem too obtrusive, but it would be useful if it would not appear automatically, but perhaps when your cursor is moved over the bottom of the page.

Source: Search Engine Land

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