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In recognition of World Teachers’ Day, Google used its blog site to honor teachers worldwide, and to announce that as of October 1st, more than 200 million students, faculty and staff use Google Apps for Education. If you’re not an educator or student, you may not know about Google Apps for Education, a free web-based email, calendar and documents service.

Google says that as a tribute to teachers, it will be highlighting this week on its Google in Education Google+ how a few teachers are using the Google Apps in the work they do.

The Google Apps for Education includes most tools provided to regular Google users, including Gmail, Docs, Google Drive, Google Sites, and Calendar. But in addition, educators get up 25GB of storage ad-free space per user, and schools can make use of Google’s cloud Vault for archiving data.

Google says that more than 400+ universities are posting lectures and/or full courses online using YouTube Education, and more than 500 schools and districts started the Fall school year off with Google’s laptop computer, Chromebooks. In addition, eight Ivy League universities and 72 of the top 100 U.S. universities have incorporated the tools, resources, and services of Google Apps for Education.

As part of the worldwide teacher recognition, Google has set up an interview with the developer of the popular, Khan Academy, Salman Khan. The interview will take place in a live hangout on October 17th. Khan will take questions from the participating audience about his new book, The World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined.


Source: TechCrunch

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