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While you can find recipes in the normal way on Google, like a search query, it is likely that the results are mixed up with things you didn’t intend to find. Now, Google has introduced a new way to search for recipes that lets you find the right recipes quickly and easily. The Recipes view, which you should now find in the search options in the Google sidebar, restricts the searches to recipes only and also lets you filter them by ingredients, cooking time and calorie count. You can also get ratings, pictures and more.

new recipe search

I did a few searches and found the results to be quite accurate in terms of what I was looking for. Plus the filtering capabilities helped me narrow down to the exact recipe quite easily.


  • Google recipe search engine.
  • Find recipes on the web efficiently.
  • Recipe view available on the search options in the sidebar.
  • Filter by ingredients, cook time and calories.

Check out Google Recipe Search @

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