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If you are a Google Reader fan, you’ll agree that development on this tool (in terms of third-party extensions and scripts) has virtually stopped. In fact, there were rumors sometime back that Google was contemplating the shutdown of Google Reader.  So this new Chrome extension called Google Reader Readable is a pleasant surprise. It intends to bring a clutter free reading experience to Google Reader by helping you focus on the post you are reading. It works similar to services like Instapaper and Readability.

google reader readable

The Reader sidebar is revealed when you move the mouse pointer to the left and you can see the actions the extension lets you perform by hovering the mouse pointer towards the top edge. The extension works wherever Chrome does.


  • Remove the clutter in Google Reader and focus on the post you are reading.
  • Looks similar to Instapaper and other such services.
  • Similar tools: Reader Plus and FeedSquares.

Check out Google Reader Readable @

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