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When you search for a query in Google, it displays the most relevant results (i.e webpages) with snippets of content containing your search query. However, when you click on it and arrive on the page, sometimes you have a hard time tracking down the exact paragraph where that phrase appeared. Google Quick Scroll is a Google Chrome browser extension by the Google team, that aims to solve this problem.
google quick scroll
When you click on a search result, Google Quick Scroll appears as a small box on the bottom right of the page showing text matching to your search query. Once you click on the text in the quick scroll box, it takes you right to that portion of the page where the text appears. You can also minimize the Quick Scroll box when you don’t need it. In fact, it doesn’t appear on every result page. It only appears when it is really difficult to locate the search query on the page.

For more info check presentation below:


  • Easily find best matches for a search query on a webpage.
  • Works only in Google Chrome.
  • Chrome users will need to install the beta channel to get the extension.
  • Minimize the quick scroll box when not using.

Check out Google Quick Scroll @

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  1. nick
    February 16, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Does anyone know if there anything comparable to this extension for Firefox?