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Google Helpouts is an instructional service that will connect people who need help on any topic with experts to show them the way. If you need to ask for solutions on anything from fixing a garage door to planning a career, the live one-on-one sessions over Hangouts video chat come completely personalized. Depending on the nature of the topics and the mentoring required, some of the Helpouts could be free while others could involve a cost or come with a per-minute billing charge.

In August, Google announced the launch of Helpouts and even showcased a landing page Google Launches Landing Page For Helpouts - A Live Video Marketplace [Updates] Google Launches Landing Page For Helpouts - A Live Video Marketplace [Updates] Ever wanted to bring a professional into your home to help you with fixing your computer? Thanks to Google Helpouts, you will soon be able to, and best of all, professional assistance won't be limited... Read More . Now, it has opened to the general public, who can join the Helpouts sessions anytime at their convenience. You can sign up and start instantly or book a Helpout in advance. You can find individuals along with known brand names like Sephora, One Medical, Weight Watchers, Redbeacon (a Home Depot company), and Rosetta Stone willing to guide you. You can select from them according to reviews, their degree of expertise, availability, and price. Google is actively looking at partners to grow the platform over time so one can expect more categories to come under its ambit soon enough.

Google says that getting used to live one-on-one interactions could take some time. Though it may not be suitable for everyone, its efficacy is enhanced with Hangout features like screen sharing, collaborative documents, and recording of the sessions which you can playback later.

Google Helpouts is an extension of the many interactions possible with the help of Google Hangouts. But will it help you find help when you need it? Give us your take on Google’s latest offering.

Source: Google Blog


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