Google Presentation and Drawing Apps Add Image Cropping, Masks and Borders

After cutting prices on storage for Google Drive and delivering new features on the Spreadsheet app (which are now available for everyone), Google has now turned its attention to the Presentation and Drawing apps. Since images are a big part of those, a new update brings simple image editing tools, like cropping, shape masking and adding borders.

The cropping tool is pretty basic. When you upload or select any image in a slide, click the new “Crop” button in the toolbar. Drag and drop the the blue handles until the image has been cropped the way you want. A shadow of the original image will be present to help you see how much you are cropping. Hit Enter and you’re done. Google Presentation just got even better as an alternative to PowerPoint.

Google Presentation Drawing Apply Mask Borders   Google Presentation and Drawing Apps Add Image Cropping, Masks and Borders

The usage gets really cool with applying masks and borders, as the GIF above shows. A shape mask, for those who don’t know, is a cropping tool with a different shape than the default rectangle. Google has introduced a wide variety of shapes for this feature, which you can find in four categories: Shapes, Arrows, Callouts and Equations. Like with the cropping tool, choose your shape, resize it how you want and hit Enter.

Now, you might want to highlight the frame of your cropped or masked image. The line border or line colour tool will let you do that. Adjust the thickness or weight of the border, choose a colour, and you’re done. Features like this are what make Google Drawing an awesome collaborative drawing tool.

The updates have already rolled out to all Google users, so run your Presentation or Drawing tool through Google Drive and have a fiddle around with the new tools.

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