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Anybody with a website (especially a fairly new one) probably wants to know how their site ranks in a Google search. Google Webmaster Tools is an extremely valuable tool for any webmaster, which can show you various pieces of information such as crawl statistics/errors it found when crawling your site, allows you to submit sitemaps for easier crawling, and more.

But all it provides in terms of actual search ranking is your position for the queries that land the most people on your site and your position for the top queries in which your site appears. What it doesn’t give you is a way of easily checking your search position for any search terms you want. That’s where the Google Position Checker comes in.

Google Rank Checker

Simply enter your website, the search term you want to check, the region if your site is geared toward a particular country (or choose ‘world’ if country doesn’t really matter) and how many of the top results you want to check (you can go up to the top 1000 results, but for a faster check you can go as low as the top 100 results).

This way, you can easily see your ranking for any search term, without having to do the search yourself and look through the results for your own site.

They also have a similar tool for MSN and another one for Yahoo (although I’ve never met a single person who uses Yahoo or MSN for web search – have you?).


What do you think about Google Position Checker? Do you have a better tool for the job? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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