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Politicians always appreciate new and better ways to connect with the general public. They have been using Twitter and Facebook but somehow those networks do not fulfill a politician’s requirements in a user-friendly way. A network that does offer those features in a friendly manner is Google+.

google for politics

Google+ is now catering to politicians too. The network has a webpage up that highlights the features available for politcians. The most basic feature of course is sharing updates by your status message and your constituents showing their support by +1-ing your post. Status messages can also be used to gather opinions (see image above), making them act as online polls.

The feature of sorting people into circles on Google+ lets you tailor messages for specific groups, without filling up the feed of your other contacts. The virtual meeting option lets you conduct a high-quality video chat that supports up to 10 users. And then of course there is the option to upload pictures of political events to keep your constituents updated.


  • A user-friendly web service and social network.
  • Helps politicians reach out to the general public.
  • Lets you share updates with people.
  • Lets you conduct group video chat.
  • Lets you share pictures with others.
  • Similar tools: and Broadcastr.

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