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It is the season of giving and Google does not do anything in half measures. Google Plus has updated apps for both Android and iOS. But that’s just the wrapping as there are also nearly 24 new improvements inside the social network that’s trying to play catch up with Facebook.

Let’s go with the big one first: photo improvements. On Android, Google is offering free backups of full-sized photos to the extent of 5GB. That’s in addition to the unlimited storage offered for standard sized photos (2048 pixels or below). To begin, just turn on Instant Upload and start taking pictures that automatically go into a private album on Google Plus. If you are running Android 2.2 or later, you can now also view photospheres, the panoramic shots that were introduced with the latest Jelly Bean update. On iOS, you can swipe through all photos inline and tap just once to view them in their full screen glory along with a subtle pan-zoom-scale effect.

The other major and welcome change is to Hangouts. Google Plus Vice President of Engineering Dave Besbris says:

For those who can’t attend your party in person, Hangouts offers a free and convenient way to keep in touch. Today, we’re making it possible to connect with friends even in parts of the world with extremely low bandwidth. Once enabled, you’ll only need about 150 kbps of bandwidth to be in a hangout.

Follow the source link below to the Google blog and read about a few other tweaks made for the iOS and Android platforms.

Source: Google Plus


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