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No matter where you go in the Google universe, you will find a little piece of Google+. Now, Google Play is no exception, as Google has added the ability to share songs purchased in Google Play with friends. It’s no secret that sharing music is popular, with Spotify and its Facebook integration taking the music industry by storm. The benefits of music being shared socially for the creator is that it allows them to be exposed to a new audience, and hopefully, some of that audience will buy their music.

The Google+ integration into Google Play is actually quite fantastic, so before everyone gets up in arms about Google shoving their social network down our throats, take a look at what this update actually provides. Google Play users will have an automatically generated playlist called “Shared With Me”. This playlist is populated with all the songs that your friends have shared with you on the Google+ social network.

Anytime a friend purchases a song using Google Play, they can share it with you and you will get to listen to the entire song once, without spending a dime. Any track that is shared with you that you have not listened to yet will be bold, just like a new email in your inbox.

Along with the song and artist information, the new playlist will show you which one of your beloved friends shared the track with you. This is a Google+ integration that is actually quite useful.

Source: TheNextWeb


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